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Vimeo and chill to support AfrikaBurn

You can now support AfrikaBurn by simply sitting at home on your couch with a pink gin and watching a movie. Thanks to the incredible generosity of the team behind ‘Art on Fire’, 50%* from every rental of their film online through Vimeo will go directly towards supporting AfrikaBurn.

All you have to do is visit the link below and enter the code ‘AfrikaBurn’ at the checkout to get a 10% discount off a rental and a warm fuzzy feeling that you’re helping AfrikaBurn to build the same incredible large scale art projects that you see in the film ‘Art on Fire’ as well as the creatives behind the film.

Burning Man: Art on Fire from ro*co films on Vimeo.

BURNING MAN: ART ON FIRE follows the unpredictable journey of the artists who defy reason to bring their massive installations and sculptures to the punishing Nevada desert. 

Filmed just after Burning Man’s legendary founder suddenly died, the community of artists is challenged by impossible timing and blinding dust storms. This richly cinematic, multi-character narrative unfolds over months as they imagine, build and ultimately burn the extraordinary main structures in this temporary city of dreams…a poignant and uplifting feel-good movie!

Click here:

Discount and donation code: AfrikaBurn

You’ll need a Vimeo account to be able to watch this film, but it’s as easy as signing up for a volunteer shift.

*minus the 10% Vimeo fees. Fundraiser code ends 31st July 2021

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